Bridal classics /June 20th 2018

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Bridal classics /June 20th 2018

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Whether you're freelance hairstylist or salon-based hairdresser, these are essential skills to have. The bridal classic hairstyles are timeless. When you know the basics you will be able to progress with your creativity.

Suitable for beginners and advanced. French roll, chignons, braids, net-works...

Places limited. Only 6 available.

Supplied on site: Hairspray and hair powder if needed. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and fun :D  

Feel free to take your lunch with you.

Resources you will need for this workshop: Mannequin's head(with a table clamp), paddle brush, bristle brush, tail comb, hair grips, pins, rubber bands, fillers/sponges, fine hairnets(colour as close as possible to the hair colour of the mannequin), ornamentations. 

See you soon @ my creative hub :D


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